Peloponesus hodie Moreaeregnum in omnes suas Provincias Veteres et Hodiernas accurate divisum. Editore Joh. Bapt. Homanno S. C. M. Geographo Noribergie. Nuernberg, Homann, J. B. 1720-40 [48,2 x 57,7 cm]Copper engraving, handcolored in outline and wash when published. Decorative map of the Peloponnes, divided up into its regions. With many engraved place names, mountains, rivers, lakes, castles, monasteries, etc. Along the coast with many details also the islands Cefalonia, Zante, S. Mauro, Cerigo are very detailed engraved. In the lower left corner with a large allegoric ornated title cartouche, showing an allegory to the war with the Turks.



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