Muenster, SebastianVon der Insel Creta. – Candia seu Creta insula.
Basel, Petri 1628 [8 x 16 cm]
Decorative early woodcut, showing a map of the island of Crete, published in the ‘Cosmographia’ by Sebastian Muenster (German edition). Decorative map of Crete, showing some place names as well rivers and mountains.
2-Muenster, Sebastian

Das Sechste Buch. – Von der Insel Creta.

Basel, Henricus Petri. 1628 [7,8 x 15,45 cm]
Woodcut, hand colored in wash. Decorative hand colored woodcut map showing a view of Crete, published in a German text edition of the ‘Cosmographia’ by Sebastian Muenster.



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