de Wit, FrederickNova Europae Descriptio Auct. F. de Wit. Amsterdam, Frederic de Wit, 1680 [44,5 x 55,7 cm]
Copper-engraving, handcolored by a later hand in outline and wash. In the lower right corner a figurative title cartouche. The map is richly ornated by cityviews and costumes at three sides. Frederic de Wit’s continent map of Europe, ornated in the upper margin with city views of European capitals: Rom, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Sevilla and Prag. On each of both sides we find 4 scenes of European emperors. The map itsself has engraved borders and names many cities and towns.
The map has been handcolored by a later hand, reverse we find skillfull restaurations in the area of the center and around the lower corners.


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