Homann, J.B. (Homann Heirs) Totius Danubii Cum Adjacentibus Regnis nec non totius Graeciae et Archipelagi Novissima Tabula ex recentissimis subsidus concinnata … ab Augusto Gottlob Bohemio … C.P.S.C.M. A. 1766.  Nuernberg, Homann Heirs 1766 [47,2 x 56,2 cm]
Copper-engraving, handcolored in outline and wash when published. Decorative map of mainly southern Central-Europe with Greece in its centre. The map was published at Homann’s Heirs after the cartographic informations by August Gottlob Boehm. The cartographic information on this map is pretty accurate for that period. With many place names, rivers, lakes, mountains, castles, etc. At the lower bottom we find a title cartouche and a mileage scale.



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