Reilly, Franz Johann Josef von Das Aegaeische Meer Heute der Archipelagus oder das Insel = Meer. Nro. 18.  Vienna, Reilly 1789 [31,8 x 22,5 cm]
Original copper engraving, hand colored in wash and outline, when published. Decorative map of the Aegean Sea with the Greek islands. The Austrian cartographer Franz Joh. Josef von Reilly published around 1789 in Vienna a large amount of very detailed district maps of Central Europe. These maps are famous for their large scales and the many details they provide. Even tiny place names can be found on those maps, rivers, mountains, streets, monasteries are as well engraved. The maps, which Franz J. Reilly engraved, were especially designed for the Austrian Royal house and show countries, provinces and districts belonging to the ‘Austrian-Hungarian Empire’.



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